Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday we had a delightful morning at our grandkids school.  It was a practice concert for one that the fourth and fifth grade would give at a senior center shortly after.

The song selection was a throwback. Four Leaf Clover, Singin in the Rain, You are My Sunshine. the old time favorites. Too bad they didn't ask the audience to join in, because I knew every song. and I was sort of quietly singing along without invitation.

I was reminded of when my mother was suffering from a not so early onset of Altheimers disease.  At her assisted living facility, she would be in somewhat of a fog a great deal of the time.  However, if there was a pianist who sang and played some old time favorites she would be so happy and would sing along, not missing a beat.  Best was when she would start dancing to the music.  It was great to watch. My friend Barbara Ross, a nurse, took such good care of my parents during this period.

One night when I had my restaurant an older woman called me over to her table to introduce me.  She said she knew my grandparents.  Apparently, there were parties where the  people would celebrate with their pisana from the various parts of Italy.

She was from Avolino where my grandmother's family was from.  She said my grandmother would love to dance and was not shy.  My grandfather played the flute, and or the mandolin and he was shy and probably embarrassed by my grandmother's behavior.  What else is new?  He was a very dignified Roman and she was more like peasant stock, a great spirit, lots of fun.

I thought about my chat with this woman, who still lived in the East Boston  apartment where she hosted my grandparents on these occasions.  I love thinking about how much fun they must have had, especially Nonni.  They deserved whatever fun they had, they were such hard workers.  I wish there was a way I could let them know how much I appreciate their sacrifices, their hard work.  Supporting ten kids was not unusual back in the day.  I am lucky that because I am one of the older grandchildren, I have memories of them.  I feel very fortunate for that.

Talking to Aunt Esther today, we both lamented on how great it would be to have a motion picture, voices of those people we loved.  I would call them Emotion Pictures, sure to bring laughter and tears.

We are going to the North End to meet friends for dinner tomorrow nite.  My son George recommended  a restaurant.  I will keep you posted.

We are hosting a brunch on Sunday.  Todd already picked up the lamb sausages from New England market in Peabody.  I will make a fresh tomato sauce with that, more of a lunch and I made a basil ice cream to top my pear tart.

Monday I am having my left eye's cataracts removed.  The right eye was easy and my eyesight is so improved.  Hope the snow melts a little over the week end.

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